Mosh Mag Episode 24

August 15, 2018

This Show Is Dedicated to Mosh Mag's Dog Max who recently passed away. 

Heavy Metal Movie turnes 37,Testament joines forces with PRiVCY cryptocurency,SoulFly Ritual Album Release 10/19,check out the video on our facebook page,Wacken Open Air concert in Germany. Chuck Billy new Vape.

LiveKill new song In This Moment


Mosh Mag Episode 23

August 3, 2018

Sorry for the sound quality, Scott needs a new mic - its ordered and on the way.

Donald Tardy not going to play the Europeen tour, Chuck Billy new vape get it at 5 albums or songs were listening to, Stay tuned for a Military showm, we want ot dedicate a show to our Military for all they do. 5finger death punch show. 




Mosh Mag Episode 22

July 24, 2018

Steel Panther's "Pussy Melter" Guitar pedal controversy, Dee Snider's new Album, DevilDriver's new County Cover Album "Oulaws Til The End" Slayer this may not be their final tour, and a new segment were trying out - Rock Band Riders. 


Mosh Mag Episode 21

July 10, 2018

Trevor Strnad -The Black Dahlia Murder interview. All-Star Horror Film Sunset Society, Starring Lemmy & Dizzy Reed Steve-O & Ron Jeremy. We talk Vinnie Paul, and alot more. 

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Mosh Mag Episode 20

June 27, 2018

Vinnie Paul RIP, Metal Music Community, Slayer Euro Tour, Kirk Hammet guitars, Bad wolves cover Zombie. 


Voice of the Underground Music: 

Violent Life Violent Death - Come' Heavy Breath


Mosh Mag Episode 19

June 19, 2018

Eric Peterson of Testament new band DragonLord - Talk about another possible big 4 show before Slayer calls it quits - Top Selling Hard Rock Albums this year - As I Lay Dying - Unreadable Band Logo - Upcoming shows and much more. Thanks for Listening




Mosh Mag Episode 18

June 11, 2018

Donald Tardy from Obituary interview, As I lay Dying new song release. Obituary show review,Voice of the Undergound, send us your songs.

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Mosh Mag Episode 17

June 3, 2018

New Mosh Mag Shirts, Babysiting the Moshmag wife. The Slayer Show Sacramento CA, Testament, Bohemith, Anthrax, Lamb of God. Voice of the Underground - Local Bands we're looking to promote you guys, send us your demos 


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Mosh Mag Episode 16

May 17, 2018

Exclusive Steve "Zetro" Souza Interview  


Mosh Mag Episode 15

May 8, 2018

Ghost Concert Review and Pictures on our social media and website - Tim Calvert RIP – Gary Holt Birthday- Testament New Order album turns 30- Gibson Guitar Filing for Bankruptcy-Willard gets Tattoo by Tommy Montoya at the Arizona Tattoo Festival in Phoenix. We did something different with this episode. Let’s see if you can tell, if not you’ll have to wait til the end of the episode.